Services to Buyers

As buyer, our services to you include:

  • Assisting in choosing between similar properties
  • Providing advice on what price to offer
  • Assisting with negotiations on new and pre-owned property
  • Providing advice on property condition and future value
  • Providing financing assistance information
  • Providing closing assistance
  • We speak English, Cebuano, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog, Taiwanese, Fukien, Vietnamese

Exclusive Services Provided


This is a written report of the transactions in the neighborhood to identify similar properties that have sold recently and are currently on the market. This will help to determine a realistic price for the property.


  • Find the Right Home for You
    Show you home based upon the criteria that we have established together

  • Analyze what the sellers motivation to sell is, so that the right offer can be structured
  • Present your offer to the seller and the seller’s agent
  • Review the seller’s response with you
  • After the offer is accepted, advise you all the way through inspection, appraisal and closing process to minimize any anxiety that you may have with the process.

Your satisfaction with our service is our highest priority and we are grateful for the opportunity to prove our commitment to you, our client.


The steps involved in purchasing a home can be confusing. This guide is to inform the buyer of the financial aspects of buying a home as well as provide a simple system for finding the best home to meet the needs of the buyer and his family. Mortgage Calculator